Our services 

- Divorce settlement mediation.
- Post-divorce settlement mediation / case management, i.e. resolution of post divorce
  disputes as case managers or facilitators.
- Court appointments as well as appointments by parties / their legal representatives.
- Collaborative dispute resolution, i.e. mediation between parties represented by their
  respective attorneys.
- Disputes pertaining to the rights of unmarried fathers (section 21 of the Children’s Act
  No. 38 of 2005)
together with certificates of outcome.
- Adoption disputes.
- Disputes pertaining to customary marriages and religious unions.
- Domestic violence disputes.
- Succession and inheritance disputes.
- Maintenance disputes.
- Surrogacy disputes

Contracts and agreements:
- Co-habitation agreements.
- Antenuptial contracts.
- Wills.
- Parenting plans.
- Surrogacy agreements.